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Arrow Services

We know that for some archers, customized arrows are the way to go. Weaknecht Archery provides custom arrow services. We want to help you craft the perfect arrow for your bow, style, and use. Check out our services below. If there's something else you need, ask any of our staff and we'll be happy to accommodate your unique needs.

These services include:

  • Custom Build Arrows to Suite
  • Dip/Crest Arrows
  • Refletch/Recondition Arrows
  • Expertise in Arrow Selecting
  • Cut To Length
  • Insert Installation
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Bow Services

Bow tune-ups will help you shoot more accurately and safely. Bow tuning will also give you more confidence. Additionally, having your bow properly fitted for your size, style, and shooting stance allows you to become a more efficient shooter.

These services include:

  • Draw weight adjustment
  • Draw length adjustment
  • Sight install and adjustment
  • Arrow rest Install (standard rest)
  • Drop Away Rest Install
  • Laser rest windage
  • Cam lean/alignment adjustmentCam timing adjustment
  • Paper tuning
  • Sights: 3rd axis adjustment
  • Chronograph
  • Sight tape creation
  • Stabilizer balancing
  • Quiver installation
  • Warranty Work
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Crossbow Services

Because of their orientation, crossbows require a bit of a different set-up than vertically-aligned bows. If you're shooting with a crossbow, make sure to take advantage of our crossbow services. Don't see what you need below? Just ask us; we're here to help you pursue your archery passion.

These services include:

  • Complete setup and sight in
  • Mount and sight in scope
  • Replace string
  • Replace cables
  • Warranty Work
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String Services

Part of a bow will wear out over time, including the string. When your bowstring needs replacing, consider Weaknecht Archery. Our trained technicians are experts at replacing strings so they are correctly fitted for your bow. Have another problem or question about your bowstring? Ask our skilled service personnel.

These services include:

  • Custom Built Strings
  • String/Cable Installation with Proper Bow
  • Tune & Set-up
  • Nock Set Installation
  • String Loop Installation
  • Kisser Button Installation
  • Nose Button Installation
  • Peep Sight Installation
  • Reserve String Serving